About Star Wars 7

If you are a lover of star wars and have probably been following the movie you would know that star wars 7 are a must watch episode. The title of this episode is the force awakens; this episode of the movie was produced in the year 2015. It is a space movie that is directed, produced and written by J.J Adams alongside other producers, writers, and directors. It is quite interesting that the movie is one of its kinds after the first release of the episode of the movie in the year 1983, which is over 30 years. The beginning of the shoot of the movie started around April in the year 2014 and the movie was shot in cities such as Abu Dhabi and also in Iceland before the movie was finally released in the year 2015.

The plot of this new episode is different from rogue one and Star wars battlefront which took on a new style. This episode continues after the destruction of the Darth Vader and also the empire. The episode discussed the attempt of the rise of the first order as it rose from the ashes as very important information from a droid is intercepted by a scavenger from one of the planet called jakku who keeps the droid and she eventually found out the specific importance of that particular droid.
The important information that was contained in the droid was about the location of Luke sky walker who was a Jedi master who was a general of the resistance before it fell into the hands of the first order. After a long period of thirty years, the first order tried to take over the galaxy. It was only some small group of people who could try to stop them. Attempts were made to take back droid to the resistance, which contains location about the Jedi Master.

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