Bus to Mersing has also lead to environmental degradation

The bus to Mersing has been started few years back in the north eastern region of Malaysia. It has helped the people of Malaysia to visit to this particular place on a regular basis and the people from Mersing can easily travel out to some other place and thereby the people are getting better opportunity and better scope for getting success. Moreover the place is having natural beauty so tourists could easily visit and therefore the tourism is also increasing rapidly.

Drawbacks of bus to Mersing
Every positive aspect has some negative sides but it is humans, who will be accepting either the positives or the negatives. When people are following the negatives more than the positives then you can say it is the downfall and on the other hand if the opposite happens then it is the development. Some of the drawbacks that the bus to Mersing has initiated are listed in the points given below:

• Increase in number of vehicles is increasing the amount of pollution in the air with the release of smoke. Thereby the environment is getting polluted and beauty is getting eroded with days.
• People are throwing out the wastes and that includes polythene, which is not getting decomposed and is spoiling the soil thus land pollution is taking place.
• With increase in more numbers of people, the more amounts of pollution are generated and that is released to the water body which spoiling the water by polluting it and hampering the aquatic life cycle.
• With more numbers of people the area has experienced activities of miscreants in number of occasions.
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