Hulu is the online platform which allow us to watch online shows

As the internet network increased rapidly in the world, the uses of virtual machine which allow using internet are very popular. Hulu is the perfect platform which allows people to watch TV shows at online manner. There is need of internet connection all the time while watching the show. You can also able to watch the video through mobile phone, tablets and computer system. If you want to play the movie in your smart phone then you need to have premium account with it. If you want to play the movie in computer than you can access the data for free.

There are two platform are available namely hulu plus and Hulu plus is paid platform which allow user to watch the show on computer, mobile and tablet but is free platform where you can watch TV shows only in PC.
Advantage of online streaming
• This is the main advantage that we can watch TV shows in online manner that we don’t need to sit in front of TV. We can watch the program from anywhere. There is no cable connection as it is present in TV set.
• Other major advantage is the accurate or perfect quality of video. The satellite data is corrupted some time and it is regenerated that is why the quality of program gets affected. But there is no satellite data transmission. We receive the data from mobile network. And the perfect picture quality.
• It has huge collection of shows that we can get about every program that we want to watch.
As there are number of benefits of live streaming platform but have some limitations like we should have to always connected with network i.e. internet. You need to always connected through the internet by mobile data or wifi i.e. wireless fidelity connection so Hulu has many advantages except this.

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