Points to consider before you decide on a house

When you think of buying a house, there are about a zillion points that you need to check. Here we have given you some pointers which could maybe help you out with your house hunt –

Approvals and License –
Once you have selected a particular property, you should check the builder’s paperwork. Look for environmental clearances, building plans, commencement certificates and so on. If you are in Singapore then you could think of The Clement Canopy without any fear whatsoever. After all, they have such big names behind them. You are bound to have heard of the Developers UOL Group Limited & Singapore Land Limited, the Architects ADDP, the Landscaped Consultants Ecoplan Asia and the main contractor Dragages Singapore. They are all well known names in the real estate field. But if you still need to check their details, it is your prerogative.
Total Cost –
Make sure that you have the total figure in hand. Some builders may not give you the full cost and tell you about costs like preferential location charges, parking or club charges, service taxes if any and so on.
Area –
Mostly only the built-up area is mentioned in brochures. This is inclusive of common areas like lobby, staircase etc. Sit down with your builder and find out the carpet area of the flat. Accordingly, make your decision as to the size of the house that you need and want.
Site –
Always visit the site before you make a decision. Of course, you can get the real look only after the project is completed. But you would still get a feel of the land and the development going on there. You can contact clement canopy for further help. They are always ready to help you with any queries.
Infrastructures – Check out the infrastructure plans. Have a look at the connectivity to the area and any other future development plans linked to your project.

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