Reaching the Tioman Island

Tioman is one of the islands that are extremely popular for attracting tourists from all parts of the world. This island is located along the eastern coast of peninsular Malaysia. It is a part of Pahang and comes within the boundaries of the Mersing marine park. The beauty of the Tioman islands was first appreciated on an international platform in the 1970s when the Times magazine chose the island to be classified as one of the most beautiful islands. The region is not yet densely inhabited and the green luxurious forests and white coral reefs that surround the island make it a great place to visit for the tourists.

How to reach the island?

To enter the island you have to pay an entry fee of RM5 for the island and a fee has to be paid for the Marine Park as well. Once you have paid the fee, you can take the ferry from the Mersing terminal. Tekek will be your destination whether you choose the ferry or the plane as a means of transportation.

The Tioman ferry

You can take the services of the Bluewater Express to hire a ferry. For a fast and comfortable ride, they have the best boats.

The different kampongs (villages) along the Tioman coast, where the ferries stop, include the following:

Kampong Tekek

Kampong Genting

Kampong Salang

Kampong Paya

Kampong Air Batang (“ABC”)

Using a speed boat

You can also hire a speedboat from Mersing, but that is an expensive option. Some people might be lucky enough to get other passengers who can pay their share of the rent for the boat.

 Ferry from Gemok

There are some ferries that bring passengers from Tanjong Gemok to Mersing. Singaporean travel agents use this terminal when the tidal timings seem inconvenient on the other terminals.

From Singapore and Johor Bahru

Singaporean travel agents even offer complete packages where they take care of the travel arrangements from Singapore to Tioman Island. The operators offer a bus ride from Singapore to Mersing and use their own ferries to take the passengers to the island. This makes the trip to Tioman more convenient for the visitors from Singapore.

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