SEO Suggestions for Photographers

1. Not enough text
Many photographers are idle on composing something about themselves or their content, they believe “a graphic says one thousand words”. You may think twice, perhaps a graphic is saying a thousand words but not for seo for photographers, for the straightforward reason that the web spiders cannot see your “1000 words”. The minimal standard is all about 300 words to give confidence to search engines that the page fawned has significance and substance to web surfers that are prospective

2.The same primary phrase in all picture alt text or your names
Most photographers realize they want key words in the name to rate well. Often missed is that most search engines can just rate one page out of your site for key word or just about any given phrase. In the event that you are looking to rank for “Alaska royalty free images”, just 1 of your pages can perform nicely. For competitive phrases that are most significant that page is nearly always your homepage. Is nonsense to set ” Alaska royalty free images” on every page name. Your goal ought to be use every other page for a distinct unique phrase related to the primary theme, and to rate your homepage for this key word or phrase. You will create more traffic when your subpages begin rating for associated phrases, and don’t compete with your homepage.
3. Captions that are misplaced
Research workers confirmed a human will look first at the picture on such page(make sure is an excellent one) and after will read its caption. Captions are read more than your page text! Search engines use captions to take note of the circumstance of an image. A computer sees just binary 0 and 1 he can not visually see a picture like you. Captions really are an effective way to incorporate keywords to the page, adding to the total word count in the same time. One example will be ” African girl with yellow dress climbing on the stairway” a poor case will be “afri_girl_DSC_156239”

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