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Oxygen - New 2014 Model
Height Adjustable Desk
Brand New Early 2014 Model Release "Black Friday Special" Limited Amount Available. Order Online Now.

Arrives at your door in 10 days.
Design your office around this gorgeous centerpiece that allows you the ability to sit and stand. The Oxygen model is the height adjustable desk you've been search for with stunning design appeal, and new terrific functionality. The Oxygen desk features an oversized drawer in the center of the desk along with extra storage cove built-ins for your phone, wallet, keys.
SMARTdesk Shadow
Height Adjustable Desk
Casting a shadow on the competition with design and function.
An airy open design allows you to feel clean and crisp as this SMARTdesk Shadow doesn't overwhelm your office, but yet acts as a gorgeous centerpiece. It's practical, simple, yet sophisticated and offers a breath of fresh air every time you sit, or stand. The one touch controller lifts the desk with the power of a small forklift to adjust your desk to the exact position of perfect ergonomics.
Height Adjustable Desk
The One and Only Modern Wooden Height Adjustable Desk
This height adjustable desk has the lifting power of a small forklift. The SMARTdesk HD allows you to sit, stand, or walk. You can easily adjust the height of the desk with the push of a button. There are two pencil drawers for storage. The desk has a scratch proof finish and the entire product is hand made right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Height Adjustable Desk
The amazing HD desk with an extra L shaped return.
The SMARTdesk HD with an extra return to utilize all the space in your office. Why get stuck with a standard rectangle when you can get this amazing L shaped desk. This HD - L Shaped can be customized with a front panel cover for no extra cost and choose any color or finish. Get it your way!
When you buy a SMARTdesk, you're buying a new way of life. Make the SMART choice for your body and mind.
SMARTtreads come with the most advanced bluetooth console display with intelligent step counter, automatic stop sensor, and detailed usage tracking.
SMARTdesks are built here in the USA. Find out why we've been ranked #1 in the industry for the past 4 years.