Today’s post is a bit off the “routine route”… i.e. these will not make your eye lashes more; yet, they may help you live more. Women, tend not to believe for a second this site is about preventing tampons — trust me, it isn’t — it’s to suggest you that not all tampons are created equal.I did for the fact that it was better for the environment, after I first changed to organic cotton tampons. Cotton agriculture is extremely damaging to our ecosystem — it’s considered “the world’s filthiest harvest”, in fact. However, when I did additional research, I recognized my selection to “go green” was much more significant than anticipated.

What is Wrong with my Tampax?
best tampons in the large companies (believe tampax, o.b., kotex… the list is never-ending) set their cotton through a chemical bleaching procedure, which creates a carcinogenic byproduct — dioxin. As well as the host of other substances used to make these miniature cotton rockets, your body is consuming polypropylene, scent, bleach and synthetics. Need some evidence? A professor of microbiology at New York University Medical School, that spent 23 years doing independent research into TSS and its connection to tampons found that “As with other organically grown crops, because non-intensive farming systems are used, there are not any pesticide residues to compete with. The important thing is you could get TSS with synthetic tampons butnotwith an all-cotton tampon.”Most “Tambrands” (the common term for Tampax, Playtex etc.) and pads, are made from a combination of bleached cotton and/or artificial products, such as rayon, viscose and plastic — and that’s where you get into trouble with TSS and chemicalabsorption.

And ladies, that, is why I am grateful for the host of businesses bringing all-natural to the industry. Additionally assess packaging for100% organic cotton –an excellent resource has let me in on a dirty little secret: some firms marketplace as organic that aren’t entirely all-natural. Check out these amazing brands before your buddy that is monthly stock up and rolls around —

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