Why a full hard disk might slow your Mac suddenly?

Your mac was working very normally but just froze up and started to crawl all of a sudden! What could have possibly brought that on? Is your Mac doomed? Do you have to replace it now? Do you have to take it to the Apple Geniuses? Relax and take a deep breath. It might be a lot easier to figure this out than you think it is.

Do this first. Go to your Mac’s storage option and open up your OS X partition. Look at the amount of free disk space. If used disk space is 90% or even 80% above, chances are that your Mac surrendered to speed issues because there is just too much data on your OS X partition. In case you didn’t know, your Mac’s CPU borrows your free OS X partition space to use as memory now and then, when your RAM is being hogged by a memory hungry program, like Adobe Photoshop for example. When RAM is being choked and your OS X partition space is also non-existent, your Mac’s CPU struggles to keep up with all the things you are doing on your Mac.
It will even struggle to complete existing tasks and the more you try to bring your Mac back to life by clicking on a lot of things will mean it will struggle more, eventually just giving up and crashing, causing you to reboot your Mac, potentially losing important work that you couldn’t save.
So, if your Mac has been acting up lately, slowing down once in a whole or maybe even freezing up now and then, it might be time to free up disk space on your OS X partition. You can do this easily by simply deleting old data that you don’t need any more or simply by moving out large files to an external hard disk. Just moving a couple of HD movies out of your OS X partition can mean that you free up 1.5 GB in hard disk space. Why is my mac so slow all of a sudden? Well, maybe you downloaded a file that was just too big and one that was hogging your OS X partition, choking your Mac’s CPU. Just get rid of it and see the world of difference it can make!

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